Each October marks the start of National Physical Therapy Month, a multi-week celebration of physical therapy health benefits. Over the course of National PT Month, we recognize the value of the physical therapists, therapist assistants, and incoming PT students who make it possible.

Bio: Cristina realized that when an individual needs care to regain their usual state of health, the patient is sent to an SNF. She understood she would have a very diverse demographic of health issues to treat. She knew that an SNF offered her a better chance to learn new interventions as well as to practice and implement her therapeutic techniques and tools.

Noteworthy: To Cristina, PT means changes, flexibility, and progressive programs. It means helping others with inclusive ideas that result in uplifting solutions. Programs that allow the implementation of open-door policies, which is why therapists are so involved with our residents’ care.

Quoteworthy: “I build a rapport not only with the patient but their support team as well. I meet with the resident, the resident’s caregivers, and the resident’s family if they are involved. I gather pertinent information that will facilitate the implementation of more efficient strategies reinforcing the resident’s goals.”