Each October marks the start of National Physical Therapy Month, a multi-week celebration of physical therapy health benefits. Over the course of National PT Month, we recognize the value of the physical therapists, therapist assistants, and incoming PT students who make it possible.

Bio: Celestina worked in outpatient clinics for over 7 years, which she found to be fun and personally fulfilling. However, working in SNF has given her a different perspective. It has given her the opportunity to work with patients requiring intensive therapy due to their complex rehab needs, allowing her to use her knowledge, skills, and expertise to improve the quality of life of patients.

Noteworthy: Celestina uses interpersonal skills to encourage, educate, motivate, and develop good rapport with patients. This results in the development of trust, and so residents are more likely to be compliant and keep moving in physical therapy.

Quoteworthy: “The phrase “care that moves you” refers to compassionate care that transforms a person’s life by moving them physically, emotionally, and psychologically, and that inspires them to be the best version of themselves.”