This summer Centers Health Care is Stronger Together

A reflection of our unity, our strength and our ties to the communities we serve.

We are committed to providing an empowering circle of care. Top healthcare professionals in every field play a critical role in our mission to deliver a patient-centered life cycle that makes us all stronger. Our leadership, experience and expertise in post-acute healthcare all lead to successful outcomes.

Danny Prero, Administrator at Williamsbridge Center, describes how he experiences the circle at his facility: “I’m a firm believer in working hard, working together, and paying it forward. My mission is to guide my team toward a common goal and outcome—improving the lives of all those who come through our doors in need of our care. I inspire my team to achieve success, and they inspire me by their great work.”

This summer, as you get to know why we are stronger together, you will also have the opportunity to learn something…and win something, including a Roku TV, a trip for 2, and more. All you have to do is learn the facts: Did you know that Centers Health Care partners with over 2,000 hospitals and health providers, that the average therapy department at Centers has over 140 years of combined experience, and each year we achieve over 22,000 successful rehabilitation stays? There is real strength—and some pretty cool prizes—in those numbers!

We are also recognizing our healthcare hero partners at regional hospitals, serving up complimentary ice cream or donuts to the staff at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady, Bassett Medical Center in Cooperstown, Saratoga Hospital in Saratoga Springs, Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, and NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn to name just a few. Watch our donut extravaganza in action, courtesy of Centers Health Care.



The bottom line is: Centers Health Care is making a difference in people’s lives.

  • John Armstrong was broken and immobilized by a motorcycle accident. Carthage Center put him back on his feet and sent him home stronger than ever.
  • Cynthia Litt’s health was going downhill until she entered Troy Center. “They brought me back to life!” she exclaims.
  • Carey Gordon had a debilitating stroke. Beth Abraham Center taught him how to walk, talk, and enjoy life again.

These are just three of the many examples from around Centers Health Care that remind us of the wonderful stories we can share because we are stronger together.

Last, but certainly not least, the campaign highlights inspiring true stories of patients and residents who have benefitted from the Centers Circle of Care, demonstrating the real-life power and success of the Stronger Together promise.

Did you enter for your chance to win?