Some people may have done every project around the house possible while stay-at-home orders were in place, but for the rest of us, we might need some additional motivation. Saving time and money while organizing and doing other projects is always a great motivator, so this blog is just for you! 

Beth Abraham Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing is sharing five organizational hacks to make your life easier.


  • A Pallet to Store Lawn and Garden Equipment


If you’ve ever had a large delivery, you might have a wooden pallet lying around. If not, go to a home improvement or gardening store, and you’ll likely get one for free. Then attach it to a fence, shed, or the exposed studs in your garage, and you have a perfect holding area for rakes, shovels, etc.


  • Leave a Note for Yourself on the Washer or Dryer


Sick of ruining clothes by accidentally tossing them in the dryer? Solve this problem by leaving a note for yourself on the washer or dryer! Most of these surfaces are finished similar to dry-erase boards, so leave a note for yourself or whoever might be tossing clothes into the dryer on what can and can’t go in.


  • A Lazy Susan in the Fridge?


Lazy Susans in the kitchen cabinets went out of style, but it can make a comeback in your fridge! If you have the problem of constantly having to rearrange items to reach things in the back of the refrigerator, put a Lazy Susan in there and easily revolve items from the back to the front.


  • Use a Tension Rod Under the Cabinet


If supplies under the kitchen cabinet are getting lost, knocked over, or spilling, consider putting a tension rod from one end to the other, then hang the nozzles on the rod. This gives you easy access to the cleaning items and ensures that they won’t gunk up the surface inside the cabinet.


  • Organize Those Cords


Here’s a handy grab-and-go cord rack that you can make in just an hour; it will allow you to keep extension cords, power-tool cords, and more organized and easily accessible. 


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