Spring has sprung and gardening season is here! Gardening is a hobby that has seen an increase in popularity since the pandemic due to its calming nature and ability to be done safely outdoors.

Animals, however, can wreak havoc on your garden, turning your hard work into their own personal buffet.

Beth Abraham Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has a look at the best ways on how to keep three popular pests away from your greenspace.

  1. Rabbits

The tell-tale signs that you have bunny invaders are round droppings and branches or stems that are cleanly cut at a sharp angle. The best way to stop rabbits in their tracks is with chicken wire. They are not that aggressive, so a fence will stop them, and they won’t dig under it. Look for 18-inch high chicken wire with one-inch holes to install.

  1. Deer

Deer can present a greater problem due to their size. They tear plants, so the bites won’t be as even, and deer can reach up to six-feet high to get at a plant. Putting a traditional fence around your property is the best way to keep them out, but what about plants or flowers in the front yard? A motion-activated sprinkler can spook a deer away, and there are natural products like capsaicin that can serve as a deer repellent.

  1. Rodents

Voles, which are similar to field mice, can tunnel right up to your plants, so the best protection against them is to place stones instead of mulch at the base of your trees. If you really want the mulch look, then dig a few inches deep and lay down some mesh hardware cloth before spreading mulch.

Moles are more interested in eating earthworms and insects around your plants, but they can dig up your yard and garden from burrowing. Fencing can stop them, as can improving your drainage because they like damp areas. Natural repellents like castor oil may also work, but it’s not recommended that you use poison pellets against moles, as they do not typically eat them.


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