With so many features and options on big-ticket items nowadays, it can be very easy to pay for features and perks that you’ll never use. These can add up to hundreds and even thousands of wasted dollars, however, so it’s important to do your research and know what you need (and don’t!) before starting your shopping process, whether it’s at a brick-and-mortar store or online.

Beth Abraham Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has tips on how to be a smart shopper for four major purchases.


The biggest of the big-ticket items, automobiles are more technically complex and come with more features than ever before. There have been new-car production slowdowns thanks to COVID-related shortages, which has shrunk the used-car market. In order to find the car you’re looking for, you may have to widen your search. Look at dealerships that are an hour or two away from you, especially if it’s in a bigger city. The trade-in value of your current vehicle also may be worth more in the current conditions, so be sure to do your research and independently check the value.

Washing Machine

A washing machine is a great example of an appliance that used to do one thing—wash clothes—but now has several new features that can give you sticker shock. Front-loading washers and even certain colors can up the price. Compare prices at big-box and local stores, and wait for sales if you don’t need to replace your existing washer quickly.


If you’re upgrading, this is the situation where you want to wait for a sale. Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day weekends routinely have the best mattress deals. Also check prices online, and chances are you won’t need to replace your box spring, which will save you a couple hundred additional dollars.


The resolution on TVs keep getting better and better (4K, 8K, etc.), but you might be paying for more than you need, especially if you’re getting the latest technological advances. Also consider lesser-known brands. Manufacturers like Vizio and TCL score high in consumer testing and reviews and will cost hundreds less than a Samsung or Sony model.


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