The initial testing on COVID-19 vaccines from manufacturers Moderna and Pfizer showed that it was around 95% effective in preventing the disease, and a remarkable 100% effective in preventing COVID-related deaths.

But with variants of the virus, such as ones from the United Kingdom and South Africa, the effective rate of those vaccines may be lowered a bit, as initial testing seems to confirm.

So, how will the vaccines keep up with protecting people from these variants? Simply another booster may be the answer.

Beth Abraham Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has a look at a report that discusses the plan of the vaccine manufacturers.

A Third Booster Is Being Investigated

Both Pfizer and Moderna say they’ve begun clinical trials on vaccines that have been developed against the more contagious variant that has emerged from South Africa. If successful, the vaccine will be given as a third booster to people who have already had the two-dose series, and it would replace the current vaccine as for the first and second dose for those who have yet to be vaccinated.

More Questions Down the Road

Researchers believe that companies will be having to chase down variants like these for quite some time, leading to annual booster shots similar to what we now have with the flu shot.

But scientists believe that would be a fair thing to endure in order to drastically reduce severe cases and hospitalizations and virtually eliminate deaths from COVID-19.

As more vaccines are being manufactured, along with a Johnson & Johnson vaccine that’s expected to be widely circulated, experts believe everyone who wants a vaccine will be able to get one sometime in the summer, which is good news in hopefully ending this pandemic.


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