Around 62 percent of Americans drink a cup of coffee every day, while 11 percent admitting to downing four cups or more daily. Overall, the average American drinks three cups daily. That’s some serious java!

While several studies have linked coffee drinking with several general health benefits, Beth Abraham Center would like to bring five effects – some positive, some negative – that you may not be as familiar with to your attention.


  • Heartburn


You are probably aware that coffee is acidic and raising the level of acidity in your stomach can make heartburn worse. This usually only occurs if you drink too much coffee on an empty stomach, since increased acid levels help with the digestion of food.


  • Small Amounts Can Help Reduce Anxiety and Heart Rate


Drinking too much coffee is associated with getting the jitters – including an increased heart rate and perhaps symptoms of anxiety. Studies show, however, that coffee helps the body release dopamine, which is a happy hormone. Also, one cup of coffee is shown to drop heart rate, but it will rise from each successive cup.


  • Alertness


If you’re having trouble focusing at work, the stimulating effects of coffee begin at about the 20-minute mark after drinking a cup. Your alertness will improve, and you will have better concentration.


  • Natural Laxative


Coffee has been found to promote the release of gastrin, which can speed things up in the colon. If you’re a little backed up, an extra cup of coffee or two may do the trick.


  • Don’t Throw Out Those Grounds!


Save those used grounds and bring them in the shower! This article says that coffee grounds are great to exfoliate! They can stimulate blood flow, tighten the skin, and even minimize the appearance of cellulite!

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