Everyone will experience mild to severe arthritis at some point in our lives. A lot of people associate the painful condition as a natural part of getting older, but that’s not true. Although the inflammation of bodily joints is common among older populations, there have been instances of younger people experiencing arthritis. So what can be done to dissolve the pain?

The first way is the recommended way, which is consulting a physician if your symptoms become too serious and uncomfortable to ignore. Your doctor can then prescribe you with the appropriate prescription medication or advise you to take aspirin, which can help ease the inflammation. But if you prefer not to use medication, there are other natural methods you can use to alleviate any pain you may feel when dealing with arthritis:

1. Hot and cold treatments – Methods involving these opposite temperatures, such as a heated pad or a cold compress, can go a long way in helping you overcome arthritis pain. Cold therapies can be applied directly to the affected area to sooth any swelling and warm or hot showers and baths can ease stiffness in your joints.

2. Exercise – Regular exercise keeps your joints flexible. If you’re experiencing moderate to severe pain, refrain from doing high impact cardio and weight training. Instead, opt for lower impact exercises like swimming or light jogging to prevent any additional stress on your joints.

3. Massage – as if anyone needed another reason to get a massage, add reducing arthritis pain to the list. A good masseuse can help melt away the stress and tensions you carry in stiff joints. Anyone suffering from moderate to severe arthritis pain should avoid deep tissue massage as the session might exacerbate your discomfort. Hot stone or Swedish massages are recommended.

4. Turmeric – Turmeric is considered a super food. This tasty spice is commonly found in Indian cuisine and its yellow pigment is prominent in popular dishes. Turmeric also contains a chemical called curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory propreties thus can reduce arthritis pain.

These are but a few tried and tested techniques science has shown to be useful in the fight against arthritis