I’ve led an active life, but time took its toll. Arthritis ravaged my knees. The cartilage had worn away, and both knees were literally bone-on-bone. I was in agony. My doctors recommended Simultaneous Bilateral Knee Replacement. After the surgery, I had to learn how to walk properly again.

To that end, I checked into Beth Abraham Center in October, 2019. Three months have passed, and the results are amazing. Beth Abraham has been wonderfully accommodating, the environment clean and safe—the facility has been beautifully renovated—and the staff is very, very professional. I can’t say enough about the Physical Therapists: they are exemplary.

I believe Divine Intervention brought me to Beth Abraham, but it was the team here that got me back on my feet and stronger than ever. I’m so grateful. If 5 stars is the top rating, Beth Abraham deserves a 7!