25 years of improving lives
25 years of compassionate care
25 years of making a difference

Experience matters and we have it.

We’re proud to be part of Centers Health Care, one of the leading post-acute care organizations in the country. 

This year, Centers Health Care is celebrating 25 years of monumental care.

As the leading post-acute healthcare network in the Northeast, Centers’ experience is unmatched, our knowledge unparalleled. We bring more accumulated expertise to the residents and patients we serve than any other post-acute provider in the country, touching more than half a million lives and achieving more than 20,000 successful rehabilitations every year.

Our remarkable insights and ground-breaking achievements over the past quarter-century are exemplary.  We have developed programs that have put our company in the top 5% nationwide for successful rehabilitations such as our specialized care units, ranging from a cardiac care unit that has been certified by the American Heart Association to vent and dialysis care.

We have developed unprecedented outreach to the communities we serve—creating units dedicated to community cultures. Centers has, in short, transformed post-acute healthcare…and that’s just the beginning.

We celebrate as we look back at our successes and look forward to our continuing triumphs.

“Over the last quarter-century,” CEO Kenny Rozenberg says, “we have gained the kind of powerful experience in post-acute healthcare that is unmatched in the industry. I am proud and honored to celebrate the 25th anniversary—and look forward to moving ahead, as we write new chapters in the story of Centers Health Care, leading the way for the next 25 years.”